Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some Explanations

  • In some places I have more than one date or name, because sometimes that is what I find in my research. For instance, Mary Ellen Henkey's gravestone has a birthyear of 1896 while in the 1900 census it is listed as 1893. I'm not exactly sure which one is correct, so I will list both.
  • There are times, as in the case of Eva Catherine Gadell Henkey, where I don't know if the first name is Eva or if it's Catherine. The person would go by one name for a time, and later change to the other. So without a birth certificate, I will just hope I get it right.
  • Please let me know of any mistakes and I will correct them asap.
  • Millers and Millersport are alternate unofficial names for Miller, Lawrence County, Ohio. There is a town named Millersport, but that's in another part of the state.
  • Women will be labeled with their maiden name only. I think that will be easier.
  • I will try to put up copies of birth, death certificates that are not available online. The quality isn't the greatest. If you'd like a better copy, send me your email address.

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