Friday, January 6, 2012

Notes on George Delbert Nichols

Vera Nichols Rumsey, George Delbert's daughter, left my mother some pages of
family history she wrote. In them, she wrote this about her father:
"They named him George Adelbert. He did not like Adelbert so they called him in early youth "Bert Nichols". He signed his name George Delbert Nichols, as Grandma allowed him to dismiss the A on Adelbert, but insisted it was Geo. Delbert. So I guess that is why he started plain Bert. To everyone he was Bert Nichols but his obituary read George D. Nichols (Bert) died---etc. He and my mother Mattie Nichols are buried at Millers, Ohio. the graveyard of the Nichols family."
"Of course you all remember Alvia Nichols, who visited St Louis, Mo. He is the son of Frank Nichols, brother to Bert Nichols, Cairo, Ill. Alvia lived in Huntington, W. Va. When Dad was taken to Millers to be buried (Millers is across the river from Huntington, W. Va.), Alvia took the body to his Methodist church in Huntington, and the police force there all turned out to escort the body to the church. Mamma said the preacher gave a wonderful talk and said any man who was on the police force for 37 years deserved the best."
Also in the history: "George Delbert, "Bert" was a Police Officer for 37 years in Cairo. worked from six am to 6 pm. Was just plain, solid, honest. Worked every day, never had Sunday off. Had no time to go to church. He was 6 ft. one inch tall, beautiful blue eyes, his teeth so straight and strong that he lifted me from the floor by his teeth while I was in a blanket, weighing 110."
"Bert and Mattie Nichols were buried in the Nichols family lot at Millers, Ohio, where Sarah Francis and Joseph, parents of Bert are buried."

I took a copy of his obituary to my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. Uncle Bert told my how his grandpa used to throw the billy club at a man's feet. It would tangle up his feet and make him fall, thus allowing him to get caught.

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